Speak Story Series


In early 2013, a few friends sat around a red wooden table talking about storytelling events.
"I wonder if we could get people to come to a storytelling event in Shepherdstown?"
More questions followed.
Would anyone show up? Would tellers want to come to West Virginia? Would an anti-festival model work? 
Calls were made to story artists, tickets were printed, fliers posted, and the community showed up to listen and to work. Over time, the series grew. 
In the course of the first four seasons, Speak presented thirty-one storytellers in thirty concerts for adults, nearly two dozen school shows, crowned two youth tellers as story champions, and worked together with over a dozen local organizations. This season, we have moved from our loving original home in the Shepherdstown Community Club to a larger venue with sloped seating for better visibility. Join us as we continue to grow!

Here are the exceptional tellers who visited Speak during the first four seasons.